I made a complaint, the IPC has investigated, and the IPC has made recommendations








Regarding Email Accounts:



That the department do a thorough review of its policies and procedures with respect to the management of email accounts and, in particular, what must happen when an employee ceases to work for the GNWT.


That there be one or two individuals within the department or within each division of the department responsible for ensuring that these policies are followed when an employee leaves.


Regarding PeopleSoft:


That a technical solution be found and implemented immediately on a system wide basis that:


  • allows a former employee to continue to have access to his/her PeopleSoft information for as long as needed to ensure that all employment-related correspondence is finalized;


  • allows a supervisor/manager to set his/her preferences in PeopleSoft so that he receives notices about his own employment matters at a personal email address rather his/her GNWT assigned address;


  • does not give that former employee access to or notices about any other employee; and


  • does not forward messages from PeopleSoft about any other employee outside of the GNWT system.


That specific employees, either within the Technical Services Centre or within each department or division be clearly designated as being responsible for appropriate ‘off-boarding’ of employees so that these appropriate procedures become routine and consistent.


Regarding Information in the Possession of the Complainant:


That steps be taken to ensure that any third party [sic] personal information received by/obtained by the Complainant since the end of his employment with the GNWT have been returned and/or destroyed.


By letter dated September 28, 2018, the GNWT agreed to implement these recommendations


UPDATE: by letter dated October 2, 2018, the Government of the Northwest Territories asserts that I am "required" to return or destroy the information I have in my possession.


I am under no legal obligation to do so...



The GNWT similarly seems to be under no obligation to inform me why certain emails addressed to my former work email containing personal content were not only not forwarded to me, but were also exempted from the GNWT Document Destruction Policy.




Full Text of the IPC Report is Available at the Link Below:


Or Cut and Paste: https://www.canlii.org/en/nt/ntipc/doc/2018/2018ntipc12/2018ntipc12.pdf



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